BuildingKE was conceptualized way back in 2013 in a campus hall in Nairobi. It was nothing but notes scribbled on sheets of an A4 loose-leaf pad. Actually, we were buying time, waiting for an anonymous holder of the domain name to release it. You know the way you wait for a neighbour to vacate that prime address so that you move in? Yes, that was BuildingKE on paper then. Long story short, in January 2014, the co-founders, Shiku and Barrack, met up for lunch, exchanged ideas and a pact to launch out was sealed. Dreams, however valid, have no deadlines. After intense pressure from Shiku, BuildingKE was set up and launched on 17th February, 2014. We have never looked back since.

Our mission  is to provide information that helps people make better real estate investment decisions in Kenya. We aspire to bridge the information gap between the built environment and investor community in Kenya. Our primary audiences include developers, real estate investors and enterprises that supply and provide real estate goods and services across Kenya.

At BuildingKE, we reach out to our audiences and impart ideas, perspectives and innovations.