Previously, we have explored the place of building services engineers in construction and particularly the roles and responsibilities of Electrical Building Services Engineers. However, the big question remains; how beneficial to the client is an Electrical Engineer?


Work begins at design and continues into construction oversight until the desired results are realized and handed over to the client. This is a time consuming process that requires proper time management if the project is to be realized within the desired time. Electrical Building Services Engineers, in the absence of dedicated project management professionals (such as is the case, mostly in the construction of individual residential properties), are charged with the project management activities of electrical works. It is his/her duty to schedule electrical installation activities with the contractor to ensure that the installation works commence and end at the earliest possible times. Additionally, as it is the role of the electrical engineer to represent the client at site meetings, this saves the client the time that would have been spent travelling to the site to assess progress.


It is the responsibility of the Electrical Engineer to ensure that standards have been adhered to with regard to electrical installations. By ensuring this adherence, a high degree of quality of installation is guaranteed. Not only does he/she select the highest quality with the given cost constraints but also inspects the materials delivered on site by the contractor before, during and after installation works. However, quality is not just about what is currently available but is futuristic in nature. An electrical engineer when involved in the design and installation works will give guidance on future trends and incorporate the same in the designs to ensure the installation will adapt with different changes as they occur.


Like any other undertaking, electrical installation works have an associated cost. When a property developer engages the services of an electrical services professional to undertake the design and installation works, it guarantees that they shall receive value for money. The engineer will work on a design that fits the amount of money that the client is willing to spend ensuring that whatever the amount, the clients gets the best possible within the financial constraints. Expenditure that is planned in this manner from the beginning of the projects also runs a lower risk of going above and beyond the set limits to unmanageable levels.