Are you a keen reader of BuildingKE and think we are missing out on something? Do you think people do not appreciate your real estate professions and need to see the light? Do you have an opinion, innovation, idea or a story that you want to share? Will people relate to it? We at BuildingKE are interested in hearing from you. Share your perspective of what real estate, construction and property development means to you. Here are some of the ways that you can contribute:

Ask a Question – Do you have a question on Kenya’s real estate development? Send it to We will either answer your questions or pose it to our growing reader base where an expert will be sure to help.

Contribute a guest post – You can send your original contribution based on your experience and expertise to It can be a piece of information, advice or a set of tips that will come in handy for prospective developers targeting the Kenyan real estate market. The more you know about the subject you are writing on, the better.

Show us your new house or construction solution – Share with us. Make it fun and pleasurable to read. You never know who will be interested to buy or even consult you. Include photos and videos and email it to

We welcome all topics relevant to real estate investment but we suggest a list of high priority topics:

  1. Aspects relating to experiences with fundis, contractors and consultants.
  2. Aspects of investing in real estate as an individual or investment club.
  3. The complexities involved in securing financing for your project.
  4. Experiences with new construction technologies.
  5. What nobody never told you about investing in real estate – that you have either learnt the hard way or found a creative way around it