If you’ve ever been in a newly painted house then you must be familiar with the irking smell of fresh paint. The smell is heavy and it somehow seems to cling to every single air particle in the room making you want to swoon. This is the reason why occupants are advised to move into their new homes at least 5 days after a paint job, and even so, the smell persists for several months depending on the type of paint used.

Well, Basco Paints, the manufacturers of the DuraCoat range of paints, might just have solved the age-old “Why can’t someone produce paint that smells better?” scourge. The company launched a new range of fragrant paints, the first of its kind in the country. The paints emanate a sweet fragrance that lasts up to 3 months after painting.

Duracoat Fragrant PaintsSpeaking during the media brief held at Serena Hotel, the Managing Director, Mr. Kamlesh Shah said that the paint is highly recommended for homeowners and residential house developers as it was created with families in mind. He also urged Kenyans to embrace and support local industries by buying locally manufactured materials.

The Fragrant Paint will be available at all of Duracoat’s 170 Color Mania centres across the country in over 7000 different shades.  Vanilla will be the first scent to be rolled out, with more to follow. And if you were thinking the new paint will most definitely be expensive, worry not as the paints will retail at only 5% above the cost of ordinary emulsion paints. The paints are available in Vinyl Silk, Vinyl Matt and Soft Satin varieties.

Basco Paints has continued to edge its name at the top in Kenya’s competitive paint market as well as the whole of East Africa by emphasizing on quality and innovation. It is one of the largest and oldest paint manufacturing companies in the country with over 40 years’ experience. The quality of their paints has earned them an East African Superbrands status. They were also the first in the country to launch eco-friendly, anti-bacterial and lead-free paints.

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