Building and Construction Expos are a great learning experience for both stakeholders and visitors (potential consumers). Virtually every item used in the construction industry is exhibited, right from heavy machinery and equipment to the basics such as cement and paint. It is also a chance to sample the various services offered by construction experts as well as the new technologies and innovations that are sprouting up in the market every day.

KICC Tsavo Expo - Building and Construction Expos

Available Audience

Attending a building expo has immense benefits more so for the Exhibitor whose main aim is to reach many consumers in order to maximize sales. For any business to make a profit one must identify a target audience of buyers and reach out to them in the best way possible. A buyer must be convinced that whatever they are about to purchase is the best there is in the market. Building Expos offer the forum for producers and service providers to showcase their products to their target consumers in the construction industry.

Publicity and Feedback

The publicity and widespread media coverage is also a plus for the Exhibitor as it translates to free advertisement. When more and more people are made aware about a certain product in the market then they will be willing to purchase it. This makes Expos the ideal platform for launching new commodities into the market. The Exhibitor will not only have the chance of explaining what the product is all about to the consumer on a face-to-face basis but also the rare chance of receiving feedback as well.

This is essential in that the Exhibitors will get to understand exactly what the consumers think about their products and welcome suggestions on how to improve them. In thus doing, they will be able to cultivate brand loyalty in their consumers by making them feel as if they are part of the production process in some way.

Competition, Market Trends and Product Launches

Expos are also excellent grounds for Exhibitors to gauge themselves with fellow competitors and identify whether they are lagging behind or are at par with the prevailing market trends. Competition fosters growth in the industry as it keeps companies on their toes all year long as they try to win a larger market share by coming up with new innovations and more creative ways of service provision. Ideas on production and technological advancement are also shared amongst Exhibitors during Expos.

Exhibitors who are debuting into the market also benefit immensely from Expos as they are able to identify the market tastes and preferences by looking at what other exhibitors have on display. They are therefore able to make necessary adjustments to suit the market based on informed decisions. Expos also present great networking opportunities for these start-up exhibitors, especially those from foreign countries who wish to venture into the Kenyan construction market. During the expos, they are able to form partnerships with willing wholesale distributors and retailers to aid in them in the distribution of their commodities therefore making their transition into the market smooth and stress free.

Generally, Expos give Exhibitors a chance to woo their consumers on a first hand basis by convincing them about the quality of their products and why they should opt for them as opposed to those of their competitors. It is therefore essential for any Exhibitor intending on winning over more customers to have a strong sales and publicity team at their stand to ensure that customers get as much information as possible regarding their products and maybe even offer essential training regarding the usage of some products where necessary.


[Image Credit: KICC]