The East Africa Property Awards, the first of its kind platform that congregates pioneers and leaders in real estate to showcase their products has today announced nominees for the 2014 event.

“The real estate industry is growing at a tremendous rate with a lot of landmark developments coming up, these awards are a medium that enables us celebrate these who are doing an outstanding job,” said Architect Musau Kimeu Chairman of the East African Property Awards Adjudication Jury.

“By showcasing those who are doing well we hope to raise the standards and quality in the real estate sector at the same time encourage more players in the industry to step up and be more innovative”

The Panel

The evaluation of the entries was overseen by a panel of senior and respected real estate executives pooled from government and various real estate organizations drawn from Ministry of Land, Housing & Urban Development, Architectural Association of Kenya (AAK) and University of Nairobi. The adjudication jury included Arch Musau Kimeu of School of the Arts and Design and Chairman Environmental Design Consultants Chapter (AAK), Collins Makunda Lecturer UON Department of Architecture, Susan Araka Housing Officer, Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development, Arch Emma Miloyo.

“We received 98 submissions for the 20 categories and the quality of developments that are coming up are a testament to the high calibre of real estate professionals and the amount of investment that is going towards building the real estate sector,” said Arch Musau Kimeu.



Arch Musau Kimeu, Chairman East Africa Property Awards Adjudication Jury

The panel was charged with looking for entries reflected a high standard in design in the industry while serving its occupants.

“Beyond design we took into account how best the development served residents such as proper lighting, ventilation, thermal comfort and communal facilities that were available to residents,” stated Arch Kimeu.
Despite the number of entries reported the judges noted a lack of confidence from developers and industry players.

“One thing we noted is that a lot of entrants despite having a good track record tended to under represent themselves. We encourage future entrants to pay more attention to their documentation and put together higher quality submissions that fully represent their projects”, said Architect Susan Araka, Housing Officer, Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban development.


Online Voting

Nominees will be subjected to online voting until the 16th of November, 2014 where the nominee with the highest votes from the public will be selected as winner to be awarded at a gala event on 26th November 2014.

The awards come at a time when government is shifting to public private partnerships (PPP) contractual arrangements as a means of filling the housing gap which currently estimated at over 250,000 units up from 150,000 units in 2005 and 60,000 units in the 1980’s.

As a result the industry is gravitating towards collaborative efforts as was experienced early this year when the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development under National Housing Programme launched a plan to develop over 300,000 housing units across the country mainly though through public private partnerships (PPP) contractual arrangements. The programme has commenced with the construction of over 10,000 housing units for civil servants in parcels of land located in Nairobi City County.

At the same time the contribution from building and construction sector expanded by 5.5 per cent up from a growth of 4.8 per cent registered in 2012 per cent to 4.8 per cent according to the 2014 Economic survey.



Rita Oyier, MD East Africa Property Awards

Collaboration and Networking

“These awards are creating idea sharing and networking opportunities while showcasing emerging technology that is having a profound impact on the industry such as lowering construction costs or simplifying the construction process. A move that we hope will contribute to increased growth of the sector,” said Rita Oyier Managing Director East Africa Property Award.


To further this goal the East Africa Property Award has partnered with the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development, Architectural Association of Kenya and the University of Nairobi incorporating them as judges as well as key note speakers for the gala event.

“East Africa Property Awards seeks to be the symbol of distinction of the real estate industry as a result we will ensure that the judging is conducted fairly and with integrity,” added Ms Oyier.